Our values

Bringing harmony, warmth, cosiness, beauty to your home is our main purpose. Ar-monía is much more than a shop, it is the Spirit that sustain our core values that we like to see manifested in the world:


Each one of you matter. At Ar-monía, humanity, kindness, warmth, compassion and your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing is paramount. Everything we do is about this and our rugs, cushions, curtains and throws are filled with and offer you all these very core values.


Your home is a physical extension of yourself. So it is very important to create a harmonious environment so you can feel safe, good, comfortable, peaceful and

happy. With their soft textures, trendy colours, varied designs and natural, delicate scent, our rugs, cushions, curtains and throws help you do just that.


Every little steps we can take to protect the environment is huge. All handmade with recycled material from the left-over of the textile industry, you can decorate your home with Ar-monía while caring for the planet.

Quality and hardwearing, all our home improvement soft furnishings last a long time for a sustainable lifestyle.

And they can all be re-recycled at the end of their life cycle!


Keeping alive local traditional weaving techniques and providing work to most of the adult population of a small village in Andalucia.

Traditional meets modern

Always creating new rug designs, widening our range with new recycling ideas, and offering trendy colours.

Highly practical

Our rugs and cushion/floor cushion covers are machine washable and can be dried in a drier. They can also be easily cleaned with a hoover or a brush. They are super easy to use and enjoy, wash after wash.